The UrbanOccupationsOETR_Generalkarte_DCNN_dataset is the dataset that contains sample material for Road Type Automatic Feature Extraction analysis based on the Generalkarte Historical Transport Map. We provide 500 images per road type divided into a separate training and validation folder. In addition, all images and labels are divided by their respective labelled road type sub-category.

If you would like to use the dataset below in further publication, please use the credentials specified below:

Can, Yekta Said, Petrus Johannes Gerrits, and M. Erdem Kabadayi, ‘Automatic Detection of Road Types From the Third Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary Historical Map Series With Deep Convolutional Neural Networks’, IEEE Access 9 (2021): 62847–56, https://doi.org/10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3074897.

Please contact ycan@ku.edu.tr or pgerrits15@ku.edu.tr for questions regarding the DCNN dataset.