July 24, 2017

Our project team organized a session on Historical GIS Applications for Ottoman History:

  1.  “Sheep go to Heaven, (Angora) Goats go to Hell: A Geo-Temporal Analysis of Angora Goat Population in the Province of Ankara (1889-1905)”, presented by Semih Celik
  2.  “A New Spatial Method of Analysis for the Ottoman Military History: A GIS-based examination of Murad IV’s Revan (1635) and Baghdad (1638) Campaigns”, presented by Turgay Kocak
  3.  “From oars to sails: A GIS based spatio-temporal analysis of Ottoman naval technological change”, presented by Osman Ozkan
  4.  “Data matching between Ottoman temettuat and population registers and exploring life cycles and economic positioning of Ottoman urban dwellers in mid-nineteenth century Ankara and Bursa”. M. Erdem Kabadayı presented preliminary results of nominal data matching.