European Social Science History Conference

April 4, 2018

At Belfast, the project team has presented the following papers:

  • M. Erdem Kabadayı , Uygar Karaca : A Comparative Analysis of Regional Economic Development and Urbanisation in Southeast Europe and West Anatolia, 1840-2000.  – Click for Paper
  • Semih Çelik , Erdem Kabadayi : Agricultural Productivity in Western and Central Anatolia: a Regional Perspective 1840-1950.  – Click for Paper
  • Turgay Koçak , Grigor Boykov & Uygar Karaca : Transport Networks and Surplus Extraction in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire.  – Click for Paper
  • Zeynep Arslan : Making Applicable the Ottoman Population Registers for Late Ottoman Economic, Migration, Ethnicity and Labor History Studies: a Comparison of the Armenian and Muslim Sojourners’ Data.  – Click for Paper
  • Osman Özkan , Petrus J. Gerrits : Development of Maritime Trade Networks in the Eastern Mediterranean and their Hinterlands.  – Click for Paper